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21 Days Challenge

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Discover Your Child's Potential Step on a journey of discovery and growth through our 21-day challenge, where you and your child explore exciting activities involving their imagination and creativity! Watch as your child acquires valuable life skills and their confidence level soars. Join us for 21 days full of fun and excitement!

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    Unlock the Secrets to Supercharging Your Child's Potential through Our Webinars

    Discover the Secrets to Unleash Your Child’s Imagination. Join our captivating expert-led webinars specifically tailored to parents with young kids, where you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge to unleash your child’s creative potential! Learn how to equip your child with valuable problem-solving skills, strengthen the parent-child bond through engaging screen-free activities, and so much more - all achieved through magic of play as a learning tool!

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      Discover a World of Learning, Tailored to Your Parenting Adventure

      Expert-Backed Courses Specifically Tailored to Your Parenting Adventure. Join the Play Learn Transform Hub created by Miracle Kidz, where you’ll get access to knowledge and practical skills, specifically designed to enhance your parenting journey. Our courses act as special keys that unlock a world of opportunities for you!

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        Atin Sehgal

        Founder - Play Learn Transform Hub

        "Unlocking potential through play: where learning becomes adventure at Play Learn Transform Hub."

        ✅ Founder of Play Learn Transform Hub
        ✅ Trustee of Dev Child Development Foundation.
        ✅ Co-Founder Miracle Kidz
        ✅ Brain Gym(R) Movement Facilitator
        ✅ Six Bricks Practitioner
        ✅ Part of Brain Optimisation Training Team
        ✅ Touched more than 300+ Families.
        ✅ Empowering parents to unleash their child's potential through playful learning experiences at Play Learn Transform Hub.

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        Discover a World of Learning, Tailored to Your Parenting Adventure

        Start your journey towards freedom and unlock your true potential!

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